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Ericsson learns he’s out 2-3 weeks with dislocated shoulder after welcoming daughter Liv into world

DETROIT – Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson went from being on a brief maternity leave to being on the shelf for up to three weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

The injury, which medically is called a subluxation, occurred during the third period of Saturday’s loss in Phoenix.

“It felt bad right away, but then after the game it felt a lot better, but then the next day it was a lot worse again,” Ericsson said. “(It was) pretty much the same (Monday).

“The play kind of ended in front of our net and the whistle blew, but I kind of bumped into someone,” Ericsson added. “I was relaxed with my arm, so that’s how it happened.”

Ericsson, who will be placed on short-term injured reserve, said surgery has been ruled out for now.

“For right now it’s just rehab, that’s the first step, the only step right now,” Ericsson said. “We’ll see if that works out.”

Ericsson was scheduled to have an MRI after the team arrived back from Phoenix on Sunday, but that was pushed back to Tuesday after he learned his wife’s water broke and soon after delivered a healthy baby girl.

“Yeah, (the) timing was awesome,” Ericsson said. “Evelina’s water broke 30 or 40 minutes before we landed in Detroit. (I) just made it home to bring her to the hospital and then, yeah, everything is just history from there.”

His daughter, Liv, came in weighing seven pounds and four ounces and was born at 11 a.m. Monday.

“We liked the name, but also it has some history with our very good friend, Stefan Liv,” Ericsson said. “So it’s kind of in honor of him too. He was a good friend and a guy that I really respected a lot. We really liked the name and then when it has the meaning too it even felt better. It just came natural.”