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Wings coach Mike Babcock trying to get team in regular-season routine

DETROIT — With just a week to get a team ready for the season opener, Wings coach Mike Babcock felt it was necessary to get his team in a regular-season routine.

“We’re trying to skate as much as we possibly can and go through the details of our play,” Babcock said. “Basically, I have a lesson and I keep crossing off the details and I expect the guys to absorb it and pay attention to it and the bottom line is you have a way better chance to look good if you all know what’s going on.”

On Tuesday, the Wings had a morning skate before scrimmaging at Compuware Arena. They also had a morning skate Thursday before returning for a practice later in the evening.

“I’m trying to get their body clock on,” Babcock said.


Quote of the day … Wings coach Mike Babcock on Henrik Zetterberg, “He doesn’t mind getting mad at me and I don’t mind getting mad at him.”

PLYMOUTH — Wings coach Mike Babcock had this to say about his relationship with soon-to-be-named-captain Henrik Zetterberg, “He and I have a relationship where he doesn’t mind getting mad at me and I don’t mind getting mad at him. I don’t have any problem with that. He doesn’t mind telling me what defense the team needs to do, which I think is very important.”

Zetterberg will be named the Wings’ 36th captain Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. at Compuware Arena.