Gordie Howe suffers another mini-stroke Saturday night

DETROIT >> Gordie Howe, 86, had another mini-stroke Saturday night according to his son, Mark.

“He’s had a number of them over the years,” Mark said. “Basically, all the vital signs are good. He’s been happy, he’s comfortable, he’s not in pain with his back. You wish things were a little better but I’m happy with the fact he’s comfortable. He has his personality. It’s going OK.”

The Red Wings legend suffered a severe stroke on Oct. 26. After making a pretty rapid recovery, he suffered another soon after.

“He’s very much aware of what’s going on and it’s nice when you’re there with him because you can still interact with him,” Mark said. “I’m just thankful that he’s not in pain.”

Gordie is still unable to walk.

“Right now we’re concentrating in re-establishing the connection between the muscles and the brain and hopefully they can get that connection and maybe have a chance,” Mark said. “The important thing for me right now is that he’s comfortable, he’s not in pain.”


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