Phantom goalie interference call on Glendening calls for expanded replay

DETROIT >> Wings coach Mike Babcock had this to say on the phantom goalie interference call on Luke Glendening that led to a Washington power play and a disallowed goal for the Wings on Wednesday.

“When you’re done complaining and whining about it, by the time that’s all done, they can have it right,” Babcock said. “It takes two seconds to get it right. The referee never wants to get it wrong. He doesn’t want to watch the replay for three weeks of him getting it wrong either. He’d rather have it right.”

Glendening wasn’t even close to Caps goalie Braden Holtby when he was called for the penalty.

“I imagine the way it happened, you see the goalie laying there and you see the shot go in the net,” Babcock said. “He says, ‘I can’t him a goal he tripped a guy,’ so you call a penalty because that’s what happens naturally. You don’t a goalie is going to fall down. “In the end he got it wrong.”

Last year against the Kings, the Wings tied the game up when a puck hit off the mesh behind the net, bounced back and hit Jonathan Quick in the back before trickling into the net.

The goal was credited by Niklas Kronwall. The Wings went onto win the game in a shootout.

“But the time we got all this screwing around with we could have got it right,” Babcock said. “I think the league wants to get it right. I’m not in charge of this stuff and I don’t know how to do it, but I’m sure the league wants to get it right.”

The goal waved off was that of Drew Miller.

“I like that idea of an extended replay or like football, a flag or challenge,” Brendan Smith said. “I think we need a few more breaks coming our way. We just can’t say the one against Washington is the only one, there have been several of them. I would like to see a stat of who gets the most disallowed goals. We have to be up there. But we did get a fluky one the last time we played L.A.”

“I don’t know, I think it would be a tough rule, I don’t know how they would do it,” Gustav Nyquist said. “Obviously it probably should have been a goal for sure. But mistakes happen, they have a tough job. I don’t know how you would do it. I think that’s going to be tough to kind of apply to the game.”


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