Understandable disagreement

DETROIT >> Wings coach Mike Babcock said it’s a common occurrence that he disagrees with roster decisions prior to the start of the season with general manager Ken Holland.

“It’s probably been nine of the 10 years I’ve been here we’ve disagreed before the start of the season,” Babcock said. “I’m a coach. I’m an immediate gratification guy. I want to win today. He’s the manager and he always has a much longer plan than I do so I would say we’re pretty consistent.”

Babcock strongly wanted to have defenseman Xavier Ouellet on the 23-man roster, but because he was waiver-exempt he was sent to Grand Rapids.

“I would say we’ve disagreed about every year so I don’t think this is any different,” Babcock said. “I wanted (Gustav) Nyquist on the team last year and he couldn’t be on the team. Every year is the same.”

Nyquist was also waiver-exempt last year and was sent to the Griffins before being recalled for the remainder of the season due to injuries.

“The NHL season is a marathon, it’s 82 games and we’re going to need depth,” Holland said. “I expect we’re going to have to tap into our depth. There are certainly players that made a case that they’re not far away.”


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