Datsyuk not sure if he’s ready to play Thursday

DETROIT >> Quick update from Wings practice Monday as they prepare for the season opener Thursday night at home against the Boston Bruins.

Pavel Datsyuk took part in practice and skated on a line with Henrik Zetterberg and Justin Abdelkader.

“I’m on my way,” Datsyuk said afterwards. “(I) don’t (want to) say it’s too close, but (it’s) a good feeling. I need to skate more and see how I feel. I need more contact and see how it feels from contact.”

Zetterberg isn’t getting his hopes up for seeing Datsyuk, who injured his shoulder on Sept. 22, in the lineup Thursday.

“He’s not in battle mode yet,” Zetterberg said. “It hasn’t been four weeks. I think it’s a plus side he was skating on a line. I don’t think we’re going to get our hopes up that he’ll be in the lineup Thursday.”

Datsyuk was slated to be out 4-5 weeks.


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