Weiss talks about ‘nightmare’ season

DETROIT >> Stephen Weiss is back skating after having what he calls a setback from sports hernia surgery.

“I skated the other day and felt good,” Weiss said. “I didn’t have the pain I was having before. I think taking those 7-10 days off and letting the re-injury settle down was good.”

Weiss last played on Dec. 10.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Weiss said. “I keep pushing and trying to make myself available because in the end if we get in (the playoffs) we’re going to need bodies to be available.”

Weiss said he was a day away from returning when he ended up straining it again

“I had to kind of go backwards there for a bit which was real tough to take,” Weiss said. “For whatever reason it’s been a tough year for me trying to get healthy.”

Weiss, who signed a five-deal deal on the first day of free agency at $4.9 million a season, has just two goals and two assists in 26 games this season with Detroit.

“I haven’t been having that sharp pain I was having before so think things have calmed down a little bit,” Weiss said. “Now it’s a matter of not getting to aggressive on it and thinking your fine and go out and do it again. You have to be somewhat smart. It’s tough to take at this point of the year. I understand the process.”

Weiss will skate on his own in Detroit Saturday and hopefully begin ramping it up after that and resume skating with the team next week.”


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