Wings locker room slip on NCAA tournament; Miller pulling for MSU, many others have Kansas winning it all

DETROIT >> Danny DeKeyser’s NCAA men’s college basketball bracket is toast.

Well, at least one his brackets are.

“I have Western going all the way in one of them, that’s my upset bracket,” DeKeyser said after the Wings’ morning skate at Joe Louis Arena Thursday morning before learning Western Michigan’s fate against Syracuse. “And then I have Kansas in another one.”

The Broncos fell 77-53 to Syracuse in the second round of the tournament. He won’t learn Kansas’ outcome until Friday.

DeKeyser, who played hockey at WMU, isn’t the player in the locker room sticking with the teams played hockey for.

“(Justin Abdelkader) and I got back and forth about Wisconsin and (Michigan) State,” Brendan Smith said. “(Luke Glendening) isn’t as vocal but he will be about Michigan. Everybody is saying that State will win, so that’s interesting.

“I think that’s cool as a fourth seed that a lot of the analysts think that State is going to win,” Smith continued. “Funny thing is me and Abby don’t think that. But we do think the Big Ten schools will do well.”

Like DeKeyser, Glendening picked Kansas to win it all.

“No,” Glendening said when asked if he picked Michigan to win it all. “I probably shouldn’t say that out loud, but no. I have them going pretty far but not winning it.”

Glendening has the second-seeded Wolverines, who played Thursday night against Wofford, falling in the Elite 8 to Duke.

“I don’t know why, I feel kind of bad saying it out loud but for right now that’s what I have,” Glendening said. “I always have the worst brackets, too so maybe that’ll bring Michigan good luck.”

His Final Four are Villanova, Kansas, Louisville and Arizona.

“Definitely not Michigan State,” Glendening said.

Drew Miller is sticking with his alma mater.

“I’ve got Michigan State winning it,” Miller said proudly. “That’s all that matters, Michigan State. They’re healthy right now and ready to go so I think they’ll be hard to beat.”

The Spartans topped Delaware 93-78 to reach the third round.

“You have a good run in your league playoff and then everyone’s kind of excited and sees you win that,” said Miller, whose Spartans won the Big Ten tournament last Sunday. “I always had them going, if they were healthy they had a good chance.”

Jimmy Howard also has Kansas winning it all.

“Don’t ask me how I got there, I just pretty much flipped a coin,” said Howard, who grew up a Syracuse fan. “Syracuse has been struggling down the road here. When it comes to bragging right within the room you’ve got to pick carefully.”


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