Helm able to find a bit of humor with his latest setback keeping him off the ice

DETROIT >> The injuries just keep piling up for Darren Helm, so many so that the winger know jokes about them all.

“This is an all new injury for me,” Helm said Friday at Joe Louis Arena. “I guess I’m getting them all out of me in a year or two years and hopefully be done with it.”

Helm is sidelined with possible concussion-like symptoms.

“The tests I did nothing really showed too much,” Helm said. “I’m not really having symptoms that people normally have with concussions. There are small symptoms there that show that I could possibly have one, but I’m not one of those bad cases where guys are throwing up or are really dizzy or having trouble with the light. I am getting the headaches and it’s keeping me off the ice and from working out. That vision thing as well from the game is something concerning as well.”

Helm said he thought he was injured in Ottawa on Feb. 27 when he hit his head hard on the ice. Later in the game he was grazed in the chin which also could have triggered it.

“The next game it wasn’t that bad, we had a day off right after and I was fine,” Helm said. “Practice went well, a little bit of a headache that night and it carried over to the game (in New Jersey).

“It was never a piercing headache and kind of came and went as well,” Helm continued. “It was never bad. Then the Jersey game I got a headache, it wasn’t killing me, the headache itself wasn’t keeping me out of the game, but I was having troubles with vision, seeing the puck. I was told it was kind of migraine symptom that could have been caused by the head as well.”

Helm said he has been given the green light to jump on the bike and get going a little bit on Saturday and then they’ll take it from there. The game plan is for him to ride the bike for a few days and then maybe jump on the ice after that and get a couple skates in without any issues.

“It wasn’t until I got my heart rate really going and got competitive in the game where I started to have problems with my eyesight and tracking the puck,” Helm said. “There was a little bit of a headache, but nothing really that would have stopped me.”

Helm, who will miss his second game in a row tonight against the New Jersey Devils, has played in just 29 games this season.

Just this season alone, Helm has been sidelined with injuries to his groin, shoulder and back.

He was a last minute scratch prior to the Winter Classic due to the groin injury.

Helm returned to the lineup on Nov. 2 after playing in just two games over the last 19 months.

To begin the season, Helm was sidelined with a back problem and then his groin became an issue.


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