Olympic experience ‘fantastic’ for Babcock

DETROIT >> Wings coach Mike Babcock summed up his Olympic experience quickly, “A home run.”

“I mean the Russian people were fantastic, the place was beautiful, the event was well, well run, the food was good, the weather was great, classy, classy place,” Babcock continued. “It’s interesting the message that was sent media-wise prior and what was reality were night and day different.”

Babcock guided Canada to a second straight gold medal.

“I mean being an Olympian is a special thing. Obviously being with all the other Canadian athletes and sharing the Olympic experience with country members is a special, special thing. Anytime you get to hear your national anthem sung in a different part of the world it makes it that much more special so those are all things I’ll remember.”

No coaches get medals at the Olympics, but Canada found a way to get him one last time and a ring.

“I’m sure they will again this time so I’m not that concerned,” Babcock said. “The other thing I’d say to you is when you win you win.”


One response to “Olympic experience ‘fantastic’ for Babcock

  1. Never thought about our anthem that way before..

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