Franzen symptom free of concussions now, but worried about it becoming a reoccurring issue

DETROIT >> Johan Franzen has been symptom free of concussions for quite some time.

But he’s not ready to declare himself ready to return to action.

“It’s a first practice at full speed so you know I feel a little off,” said Franzen, who added he began skating again on Tuesday. “But I need to get a few practices in and see where I’m at.”

Franzen practiced Wednesday at Joe Louis Arena with teammates that weren’t participating at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

After missing 16 straight games due to a concussion he returned for one game before going back to the sidelines for the final six games before the Olympic break.

“I’ve been able to work out fine, it’s when I’m getting into a lot of movement, (and there’s) a lot of stuff going on around me like what’s going on the ice and that’s when it’s triggered. (That) makes it hard for them to tell. Even if I felt good the last two weeks without doing anything that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve got to get a few practices in to see how I really feel.”

Franzen said nothing happened in the game against Florida on Jan. 26 to have triggered the symptoms.

“Probably just playing (made it happen),” Franzen said. “(I) woke up with migraines and stuff like that. (I) took a step back again.”

The Wings return to action Wednesday at Montreal.

“Definitely,” Franzen said when asked if he plans to return against the Canadiens. “If everything goes smoothly, yeah, I’m planning to be there.”

But Franzen’s growing concern is this is becoming a reoccurring thing.

“It’s always going to be in the back of my head that it might come back because it did the last time,” Franzen said. “(I’ll) just got to go out there and try and see what happens.”

Franzen, who was named to Team Sweden, had to withdraw from the Olympics due to the concussion. Gustav Nyquist replaced him on the roster.

Franzen has nine goals and 14 assists this season in 31 games.


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