Tortorella apologetic in his return behind the bench

DETROIT >>Vancouver coach John Tortorella made his return behind the bench after serving a 15-day suspension for an incident on Jan. 18 against Calgary.

“I apologize first and foremost to the players for the situation I put them in, to the organization for my stupidity, to the league, it’s been embarrassing and not just for me, but for everyone around me,” Tortorella said before the game. “I’m not going to spend any more time on this. What’s happened was deserved. I hope it makes me a better coach, but it certainly doesn’t stop the situations I’ve put a lot of other people in, especially my other coaches.

“It hasn’t been a great two weeks,” Tortorella added. “It’s been very embarrassing for my family and for myself and more importantly, everybody around me that I’m supposed to represent. As far as the nonsense I caused, I want to move by it. I think too much focus has been put on this. We need to worry about our hockey club right now.”


One response to “Tortorella apologetic in his return behind the bench

  1. Good! Well done Coach Tortorella! An apology was made to just the right people, the players, coaches and a clear statement about nonsense consequences. Special note: “What’s happened was deserved” demonstrates a REAL MAN ACCEPTING THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS BEHAVIOR. This guy just went to the top of my list of good NHL coaches..
    Well done!

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