Nyquist will find out this afternoon if he’s on Team Sweden

DETROIT >>Gustav Nyquist should learn if he’s going to the Olympics this afternoon as a replacement for Johan Franzen.

“We’ll see what happens here,” Nyquist said. “I think they’ll announce it tonight, Swedish time, so we’ll all know by this afternoon, I’m assuming, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

“It would be a lot of fun to go with all of these Swedes in this room, to go to Sochi and to represent your country in the Olympics is, would be something special, and I would be really excited for it,” Nyquist added.

Nyquist is making a strong case for it coming off his first career hat trick.

“Yeah, I guess it was good timing,” Nyquist said of his hat trick. “But again, I try not to think about it too much. They’re going to make the decision and I can only do my best over here to play as good as possible. I don’t know what they’re thinking for a replacement, what type of player they’ll need, or something like that, so we’ll see what happens and we’ll all know by the end of the day.”

Nyquist has eight goals and four assists in his last eight games.

Wings coach Mike Babcock said it’s got to be easy for the players in the locker room to not look ahead to the Olympics.

“All you have to do is look at the standings,” Babcock said. “I don’t know why you would have any trouble being focused at all. We’re in a battle for our playoff life. All the players know that and understand that. The other thing about it is if you’re not focused you get injured. And I don’t think anyone in here wants to be injured. They have to be dialed in and focused otherwise you’re not going to be helping the team.”


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