Brendan Smith on Richard Sherman interview

DETROIT — Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was the topic of conversation in the locker room and defenseman Brendan Smith had quite the opinion on the incident.

“It’s not totally about the interview, I mean obviously emotions will get the better of everybody,” Smith said. “He made a huge play and he is one of the best corners, but I think just the taunting after he made the play, going over to (Michael) Crabtree and then throwing the choke sign I just think that’s uncalled for. It’s just not worth it and I might’ve handled things differently if I was Crabtree and somebody did that in a Stanley Cup game versus me and they scored and made a great play on myself. I don’t think it’s needed, that’s the biggest thing, but like I said he’s a great player and he should be happy he made a great play.”

Sherman has since issued an apology for what he said and how he acted.

“Everybody talks about what he did afterwards of the play,” Smith said. “If you think about it, (Colin) Kaepernick and most quarterbacks are actually scared to throw to the vicinity of Sherman because he is so great and they finally went for a home run like that and he made a huge play and it overshadows it for sure by his actions after and I think he would’ve got a little bit more credit or whatever if he maybe just chilled out and kind of gave a little more of a modest output on it but I think regardless he’s one of the best corners and he’s played well.”


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