Helm sidelined another week to 10 days with shoulder injury

DETROIT — Darren Helm still has yet to skate since suffering a left shoulder strain or sprain last Wednesday against Philadelphia, but will make the two-game road trip to sunny Florida.

“I think there’s a chance I can make it out on the ice,” Helm said. “The sun and heat are definitely a factor as well.”

Helm will need a week or week and a half of practices before he’s ready to play again.

“I’m optimistic I won’t be out that long,” Helm said. “I’ve made head way. The first couple of days were pretty bad. The last two have been pretty good. I’m hoping it continues in the same direction and I’ll get back sooner rather than later.”

Helm has been hot since returning to the lineup, with seven goals and three assists in 15 games.

“It’s not ideal,” Helm said. “It’s just the way it is. I’ve learned to deal with these a little bit better than I have in the past. It’s still never fun to be out, sitting watching. I want to play and that’s the bottom line.”

Helm returned to the lineup on Nov. 2 after playing in just two games over the last 19 months.

He had missed 89 of the Wings’ last 91 games, last playing on Jan. 25.

To begin the season, Helm was sidelined with a back problem and then his groin became an issue.


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