Holland knows shootouts are here to stay, but he may get his wish of an extended overtime

DETROIT – If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

That’s what Wings general manager Ken Holland seemed to do year after year and he may have finally succeeded, sort of.

Holland may finally get a chance to change how overtime is run, but it still won’t do away with the shootout, which is something he voted against when he came in the 2005-06 season.

At the GM meetings in Toronto on Tuesday, Holland proposed adding five more minutes of 3-on-3 play if the game isn’t decided after five minutes of 4-on-4.

“I believe we should have a longer overtime,” Holland said in a phone interview.

Holland has put addressing overtime on the agenda at the annual meeting a number of times over the last two or three years to extend overtime beyond five minutes.

“Even if we stay 4-on-4 I believe we should have a longer overtime,” Holland said. “I understand there are some issues if we go longer, do we scrape (the ice) or don’t we scrape.

“We understand the shootout is here to stay, but the Detroit Red Wings believe we’d like more or as many games decided in overtime versus a shootout,” Holland continued. “It’s been gathering steam through the years and finally it’s to a point where there’s plenty enough support that we’re going to have further discussions in March at the manager’s meeting about extending overtime. I don’t think it’s going to get to 10, but seven or eight is certainly a possibility.”

Detroit and Chicago were the two teams that voted against how overtime his run since the 2005-06 season.

“There was a year or so I didn’t put it on (the agenda), but I put it on again (Tuesday) and there’s enough support to the point it appears there’s going to be some type of extended or longer overtime than the current five minutes,” Holland said. “It’s an opportunity. Leaving the meeting, and I guess people could change their minds, but certainly (commissioner) Gary Bettman, the people at the league, hockey operations department and enough managers we have enough support to explore expanding overtime and we’ll look into that more seriousness at the March meetings.”

The Wings are 38-43 all-time in shootouts.


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