Wings don’t think four-day break will make team rusty against Coyotes

DETROIT — Wings coach Mike Babcock doesn’t think the four-day break will cause for any rust in his team’s game tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes.

“I don’t know if rust is a concern,” Babcock said. “Our big thing is take advantage when they give you rest. Obviously, we would have liked not to play back-to-back, to practice day and then play and have a day off and a practice day. That’s just not how the schedule works. We’ve had a chance to work on our game here and give our guys an opportunity to get fresh. We need to get started on time tonight and play a good game. We’ve got to improve as a team.”

During the practice time between games the Wings worked on the grind part of the game.

“Being heavy in both zones,” Babcock said. “You can’t work on it as hard in practice just because you can’t wear each other out, where we’ve been able to do that, which is real important for our team. We feel we’ve played light in our first three games and got to play way heavier.”


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