Wings’ third line has yet to register a point through three games

DETROIT — Quick update from Wings practice.

The Wings skated with the same lines they used in the first two games of the season, which means Tomas Tatar looks like he’s back to being a healthy scratch Thursday at home against the Phoenix Coyotes.

“We feel we’re off to a pretty good start,” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “We didn’t like the fact that we didn’t stick to believing in our structure and doing what we do in Boston. You have to give them a ton a credit, they played way better than we did. We really felt we gave away goals with turnovers. Our first penalty kill goal we gave up we ran around. The second one we turned the puck over in our zone. To me that kind of thing doesn’t make sense. You have to trust one another and trust your structure and keep playing hard and be mentally strong. I didn’t think we stuck to it at all.”

The Wings will take Tuesday off before returning to practice Wednesday.

“These next few days, get people rested and compete and work hard in practice,” Babcock said. “It’s critical we keep taking steps. We made lots of mistakes, mental mistakes in Game 3 that you shouldn’t make. Was it because we were mentally fatigued, or was it that Boston was on us, who knows the answer to that question I just know you can’t make them.”

The Wings third line of Todd Bertuzzi and Daniel Cleary centered by Joakim Andersson has yet to register a point this season and are a combined minus-8.

“I thought they were OK in Boston, are you saying are they ever going to get a point?,” Babcock said. “I just think do good things and good things tend to happen. I’m a big believer in that. Every year we get excited about Pav never scoring in this game and look at the record book at the end of the year and he has 80 points every year. Let things evolve here and it’ll work out. I think they’ve played pretty hard.”

The line has a total of 11 shots between them.

“(The line has) real good size so we need to be physical, we need to be on the forecheck, we need to grind, we need to be at the net and we have to bang some pucks into the empty net,” Babcock said. “Do all those things and good things will happen to you. Bert and Clears have played on the power play most nights too. They’ve had opportunity.”

As for the Stephen Weiss line he centers with Daniel Alfredsson and Johan Franzen.

“I thought they were very good in games 1 and 2 and I didn’t think very good in game 3,” Babcock said.


2 responses to “Wings’ third line has yet to register a point through three games

  1. That abomination of a 3rd causes nothing but projoctile vomiting and cheering among opposing teams. Might be the slowest line in Red Wings’ history. Bert has been ok, but Andy and Cleary drag him down. Andersson needs fast and skilled winger or his lack of offensive skill gets exposed. Cleary is the worst forward in NHL.

    And to think Nyquist rots in the AHL and Tatar in the press box. Tired of Babcock’s love of useless vets and size and for trying to turn Wings into ’03 Ducks…fire him now. He can be a brilliant coach, just not for a “rebuild on the fly” team like Wings.

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