As of know Tatar sits as veterans play

DETROIT — Tomas Tatar made the Wings’ final roster, but know the question is when will he get in the lineup.

“I know the chance is coming, so just have to wait for a spot and when it’s open just grab it and hold it,” Tatar said after practice.

It appears Wings coach Mike Babcock will sit Tatar in the season opener, opting to go with a more veteran look as Joakim Andersson will center Todd Bertuzzi and Daniel Cleary.

“I’m out of the lineup right now, but I don’t know what will happen to the Wednesday, so just wait for a chance,” Tatar said. “I’m the youngest guy in the locker room, so I wait and when chance comes I’m going to grab it and hold it.”

Tatar, 22, was the American Hockey League MVP last season, scoring 16 goals to go with five assists in 24 games.

“I like him,” Babcock said. “I think he’s a good player. He’s a very usable player, has a knack for the net. But early going in the season, tie goes to the veteran not to the kid. That’s just life. It’s amazing how that works. We’ll get it worked out.”

Tatar spent four seasons with the Griffins. He had four goals and three assists with Detroit a year ago.


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