Lidstrom in; Yzerman, Fedorov next?

DETROIT — With the official announcement of Nicklas Lidstrom returning to play in the Winter Classic alumni game, the question remains if Steve Yzerman and Sergei Fedorov will follow.

“At some point I’m going to reach out to Steve,” Wings general manager Ken Holland said. “Let’s get these other people lined up and then tell Steve. Obviously, Steve knows the game is going on. He knows everyone wants him to play. I haven’t officially asked him. I’ve sort of, on occasion, cracked some jokes, but at some point and time here, once we get out of training camp and the season gets up and running I’ll officially reach out and see what he’s thinking.”

There are 44 players committed so far according to Holland.

“If the Winter Festival were last year (Fedorov) was in,” Holland said. “He’s interested. I think depending on how his team is doing as we get closer. We have our fingers crossed that it’s going to work.”

Fedorov is the general manager of HC CSKA Moscow that competes in the KHL.


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