UPDATE: Cleary not close to re-signing with Wings

DETROIT — The Wings would like Daniel Cleary back, but as of now there’s nothing close to being done.

Detroit has not agreed with Cleary on a three-year contract that will pay him roughly $2.6 million a season.

The sticking point is the salary cap.

They’d like to have Cleary back, but only if they’re able to shed some salary first.

Teams can go 10-percent over the salary cap during the offseason, but that’s something they don’t want to do.

In the meantime, Cleary is free to sign with any other team if he gets the deal he’s looking for.

The Wings, who signed Daniel Alfredsson and Stephen Weiss on Friday, currently have 14 forwards under contract and two more restricted free agents – Gustav Nyquist and Joakim Andersson – that will be resigned sometime this summer.

Cleary, who had nine goals and six assists in 48 games during the lockout-shortened season last year, has flourished since he joined the Wings for the 2005-06 season.

He’s spent eight seasons in Detroit and has reached the 20-goal plateau three times.

He was also the team’s second leading scorer in last year’s playoffs with four goals and six assists in 10 games.

Cleary was a first round draft pick, 13th overall, by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft.


8 responses to “UPDATE: Cleary not close to re-signing with Wings

  1. Holland is an idiot if he signs Cleary for 3 yrs, 1 year is stupid, 3 is insane. OMG, Cleary has no moves, no hands and the Wings need to move on. They already have the oldest or one of the oldest set of wingers in the league with Sammy, Bert, Alfy, Eaves and Miller. I can’t understand why now and why 3 yrs???

  2. unbelievable, man. Ill always remember when Cleary passed backwards when he was in alone on goal. It’s not 2008 anymore

  3. Apparently Frank and Bill didn’t watch the playoffs. Cleary had more points than Datsyuk and was one of the only reasons our underdog team beat Ana and took Chi to 7 games, so calling him useless is stupid. Also we’re giving him less money than Samuelsson (who literally defines useless) – if that 2.6M number is right, he’s taking a pay cut to stay in Detroit. Don’t see many people doing that.

    For how bad people say his knees were, he was one of the only Wings to play a full season this year.

    So just give me a break for real. Offloading Emmerton to get Cleary is a swap I’d take any day.

  4. What are thinking? Emmerton for Cleary. I like Cleary, and I could get behind that, but it’s a horrible exchange when considering salary cap. Emmerton is only 533,000 against the cap.

    Samuelsson for Cleary, with a one year deal, makes more sense.

    Also, they can’t miss out on resigning Nyquist, Andersson, or Smith, just to keep an aging vet with bad knees.

  5. I heard he is talking to the Leafs.

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