Mikael Samuelsson has disappointing injury-plagued season in return to Wings

DETROIT — Mikael Samuelsson’s return to the Wings will be one he’ll soon like to forget.

Injuries saw Samuelsson, who may need surgery to repair in injured pectoral muscle, play just four games during the regular season and just five of the Wings’ playoff games.

“It was definitely a frustrating year for me,” Samuelsson said. “Once I thought I was fine, I injured myself again. It’s one thing if you have the same thing, but I had different ones. In my mind it was unbelievable, just fluky injuries that turned out to be kind of bad like this latest one.”

He suffered the pectoral muscle injury on March 31 and missed the final 13 games of the regular season. Returning for Game 7 against Anaheim, he reinjured it again and didn’t play against Chicago.

Samuelsson also suffered a pulled groin and broken finger this season.

“It’s going to heal over the summer,” Samuelsson said. “When I broke my finger in the morning skate, in my mind that should never happen, but obviously it was fluky. Everything seemed to happen to me this year. It doesn’t help that I’m not young anymore and it just doesn’t heal in a heart-beat anymore. When you start to think about it like that it was very frustrating. I wanted to come here and show that I can still play the game and have a very good year. But it didn’t happen this year.”

Last offseason, Samuelsson signed a two-year deal worth $3 million a season to comeback to Detroit.


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