Rolling Stones’ show may cause for some bad ice at United Center

DETROIT — There’s a chance the ice may not be at its finest at the United Center after the Rolling Stones performed there Tuesday night.

“It’s a busy building,” captain Jonathan Toews said. “Some nights are tough. That’s the way it is. It’s the same for both teams. We can’t really worry about that too much. If it’s chippy a little bit, we’ll just have to play a simple game. You can’t make too many pretty plays. It’s very similar in most buildings.”

The Blackhawks also share the arena with the Chicago Bulls.

The Red Wings do not share Joe Louis Arena with another team, although the venue hosts an occasional concert.

“It’s same for both teams,” Chicago’s Niklas Hjalmarsson said. “Usually when we go to Joe Louis, it’s one of the best ice surfaces in the league, I’d say. I guess it’s tougher here for the guys to have the ice in top shape with so many different events here. You’ve got the basketball, concerts – I understand it’s tough to keep the ice in great shape but it’s the same for both teams so you can’t really complain about it.”

Toews, who’s a Rolling Stones fan, won’t be at the show.

“We’ve got bigger fish to fry right now,” Toews said.


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