Let the clichés continue to fly and fly and fly and fly….

CHICAGO — Chicago Blackhawks forward Viktor Stalberg was loaded with every cliche you could think of as his team prepares for Game 7 tonight against the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center.

Here are just a few of them…

“We feel like the ball’s in our court here, we have home-ice advantage, we have to do everything we can to get off to a good start and get a win here.”

“All we’ve been doing here is looking to win. That’s been our goal here the whole time, advance to the next round and get it done in seven or five, whatever that might be. We’re happy we came back and that’s all behind us right now. A lot of things can happen in one game, we all know that. We have to come out prepared and be ready to go right off the bat.”

“We have to play the same way we have over these last two games. We feel like we have a second chance to advance.”

“We’re just excited to play this game tonight. It’s a fresh start for both teams, it’s one game that decides it all.”

“It’s exciting, we’re going to come out flying here tonight and do our best to advance.”

“We’ve faced elimination two games in a row, but the biggest thing is not to let up here, we have to play desperate here again, our backs are still against the wall. We can’t be happy by just coming back. We have to find a way to win this last one here, that’s all that matters.”

“It seems like there is a lot of talk going into (Game 7), but at the end of the day it’s just another hockey game. Everyone is going to be a little bit hungrier, a little more desperate. You might see goalies make that desperation save or players diving head first to block a shot.”

“At the end of the day we have to approach this game like we have games all year and we’ve been successful because we’ve played that similar style. Just be a little more aggressive, a little more hungry and I think we can do that and we’ll be in pretty good shape.”


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