There’s a chance DeKeyser could return if Wings have long postseason run

DETROIT – Drew Miller did it, so why can’t Danny DeKeyser?

And that’s why the rookie defenseman isn’t ruling out returning before the playoffs end.

“As long as they keep winning it gives me a better chance for a return with every win they get,” DeKeyser said. “Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play in a playoff game again.”

DeKeyser is still sporting a cast on his right hand that he broke in Game 2 of the Wings’ opening round series against Anaheim on May 2.

Miller returned from a broken right hand suffered on April 20 and has played the last two games of Detroit’s Western Conference semifinal series with the Chicago Blackhawks.

“It’s healing pretty good,” DeKeyser said. “There’s a plate and screws in there, so it’s pretty sore still. The surgery is helping it heal quicker than if I didn’t have it.”

The original diagnosis had him out 6-8 weeks, which would have sidelined him to the end of June.

“I’m not ruling that out,” DeKeyser said when asked if he could return for the next round if the Wings advance. “I’m not 100 percent sure on that. As it is right now, I’m not ready yet, but if it keeps progressing like it has been, I think I might have a chance to do that. I can’t say for sure yet. I just need to see how it is another week or two.

“I tried to stay in shape and kept working hard,” DeKeyser added. “I wasn’t doing a whole lot of skating a week or two ago. Now I’m on the ice every day, so I’m getting my lungs back and my skating legs back. So I think that’s a benefit for me right now.”

DeKeyser, who could get his cast off as early as Wednesday night after seeing the doctor, is still having a tough time gripping his stick.

“Once this (cast) comes off, I’ll have a lot more range of movement and we’ll see how tight I can grip the stick and hopefully I can shoot the puck and take slap shots,” DeKeyser said. “I think they were planning on me to be out until early July. Nobody was really sure on that.”


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