Damien Brunner dissed by Simona de Silverstro

DETROIT — There aren’t many Swiss-born players in the NHL, but IndyCar driver Simona de Silverstro has her favorite and it’s not Damien Brunner.

Simona de Silverstro, who’s in town to test at Belle Isle, is a fan of Anaheim goalie Jonas Hiller, who the Wings eliminated in seven games in the first round of the playoffs.

“Oh,” Brunner laughed when told she wasn’t a fan of his. “Maybe she should become a Red Wings fan.”

Brunner also was all over Twitter for a video that saw him nailing teammate Gustav Nyquist just below the waistline with a soccer ball.

The incident occurred prior to Game 3. In that game, Brunner assisted on a goal by Nyquist to opening the scoring.

“I want to see the whole thing,” Brunner said. “I heard they showed it on TV in Canada. They showed us in warm-ups and then they showed his goal. That’s funny that I assisted on his goal too.

“That only happened because we’re not in the PK meetings, so we were the only two guys out there playing soccer,” Brunner continued. “We play to 10, and this guy, normally, you give him the ball and he can never give you a nice ball back. So he gets the ball up here (pointing to the outside of his head) and if I try to touch it I’m never able to get it back to him. It was like 10 times in a row so I picked it up and threw it at him. Lucky I hit the bull’s eye.”


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