Stalberg in or out?

CHICAGO — After playing all five games of the Blackhawks’ opening round, forward Viktor Stalberg now finds himself out of the lineup.

“I felt pretty good in the first series, the puck maybe didn’t bounce my way there in the end, but I think we were a pretty effective line,” Stalberg said. “I think he wasn’t happy with the team performance, he chose to take me out of the lineup and that’s how it is. I’ll live with that. It’s frustrating. I’ll do anything I can to support the guys and to be back in the lineup as soon as I get the chance and try to be effective once I get back in there.”

Coach Joel Quenneville didn’t say if Stalberg would be back in for Game 2 or not.

“It was short, standard I think,” Stalberg said when asked how his coach relayed the information. “Just be more intense out there, play harder, most of the guys here that when they’re not playing, nothing too different. He wants me to produce more and be more effective out there so hopefully when I get back I’ll try and make a difference.”


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