Miller an “option” for Game 2 against Blackhawks

CHICAGO – Wings forward Drew Miller thinks he’s a definite option now.

Miller has been sidelined since breaking his fourth metacarpal bone on his ring finger after getting hit with a puck on April 20 in Vancouver.

“I think I’m ready to go, it’s up to the coaches,” Miller said Friday. “I think the last couple of days I’ve come along with the straightening of my hand and my wrist so I feel confident out there. I feel that I’m ready to go.”

Miller, who had the cast removed on Sunday, could be back in the Wings’ lineup for Game 2 Saturday afternoon at the United Center in Chicago.

Wings coach Mike Babcock said before Game 1 that he was worried about the strength in Miller’s right hand.

“He looks good now on the ice so we’re happy to see that,” Babcock said. “He’s definitely a big part of our PK. He plays in all situations. If he can go, it’s a plus for us.

As expected Miller is anxious to get back.

“It’s definitely tough (sitting out),” Miller said. “You just try to stay a part of the team, in for the meetings and be around for the pre-game stuff. You try to watch and learn as much as you can from atop. It’s a little different perspective, but I have to be ready. It’s tough mentally, but you just have to work through the bag skates and prepare yourself for when you get back in.”

Prior to the injury Miller led the forwards in blocked shots (41) and was second on hits (81).

“The training staff here had me doing a lot of stuff to make the bone grow and get back,” Miller added. “I wouldn’t say rush back, because you want the bone to heal right and be all right. It’s good to be back out there shooting the puck and getting ready to play.”


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