Keys to containing Pav and Z

CHICAGO — Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews knows the key to containing Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg is to just work as hard as they do and wear them down wherever possible.

“They’re two very skilled players, but they work very hard as well,” Toews said. “They’re good on draws. They’re not easy to play against. So you’ve got to try to outwork them every shift, keep the puck away from them as much as you can, just have good sticks, because they’re always trying to make plays through guys, make plays to the slot.”

Datsyuk and Zetterberg both finished without a point in Game 1.

“If you keep the puck in their end as much as you can, wear them down, we know they probably didn’t have too much energy going through the second half of the game,” Toews said. “We can expect them to have a little more jump the next one. We have to have the same approach to our game in Game 2.”

They also held Datsyuk to no shots in Game 1.

“He’s still dangerous,” Quenneville said. “I think that when you watch him play, there’s so many things he can do in the course of a game. He’s still a threat no matter what situation he’s presented with. He’s one of those players that nobody else can (mimic). He does things that can ‘wow’ you and that’s an ongoing challenge. He’s one of those dangerous players that we always got to make an awareness of when he’s on the ice.”

Zetterberg finished with four shots.


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