No home cooking

DETROIT — Home ice was an advantage last season for the Wings, but this year that hasn’t been the case.

Detroit is just 10-7-3 at Joe Louis Arena, 1-3-1 in the last five.

“We’ve survived by winning on the road and not at home,” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “We have to be better at home. We were good early at home and not on the road and now it’s vice versa so if I had the answer we’d fix it, but in saying that maybe we try to be too cute at home and more simplified on the road. We need to play a simple game and our guys understand that.”

The Wings won an NHL record 23 consecutive games on home ice last season.

“We’ve been way too inconsistent at home,” defenseman Jonathan Ericsson said. “I don’t know what the reason is. We need to find a way here in order to make the playoffs.”

Detroit is currently holding onto the eighth playoff seed in the Western Conference, two points ahead of Dallas and Columbus.

“It seems like the teams that are below us are hounding us and the teams that are above us are trying to win every game that they can,” Ericsson said. “It feels like if you win one game the other guys are winning too. It’s like there is no room for error here. We have to be really good here over the last part of the season.”


One response to “No home cooking

  1. I don’t understand the difference myself. I’m a Flames fan primarily but since the Flames suck I’ve been looking for other teams, haha, the Wings were rocking last year. Dunno what changed!

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