Inside the cage

DETROIT — When defenseman Kyle Quincey returns from a broken jaw he will be wearing a cage for the rest of the season.

“It’s going to take a while to get used to, but every day it gets better and better,” Quincey said. “It’s just an adjustment thing. It takes a long time for these bones to get strong.

“The visibility is tough, especially when the puck is in your feet and it’s even harder when you’ve been off for two weeks,” Quincey added. “You’re not as sharp. The next couple of days will be key. I’ve got to get my timing back and just get the feel for the puck and go for there.”

Quincey could return as early as Thursday, which is a lot quicker than originally thought.

“It’s been two weeks and a couple days so I’m pretty fortunate there,” said Quincey, who was supposed to be out four to six weeks. “Those two weeks felt like a couple of months. My personal goal is to play Thursday, that’s no guarantee so we’ll see what happens.”

Quincey still has no feeling on the right side of his mouth and cheek.

“The nerve hasn’t come back,” Quincey said. “Once that does I will start having feeling in my teeth and gums and lips. It’s not too bad. I just dice up the food pretty good. The blender is getting a lot of use.”


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