Quote of the day … Wings coach Mike Babcock

DETROIT — Wings coach Mike Babcock was asked if embellishment to draw penalties should be addressed by the league.

“I just know when someone gets touched in the face their head snaps back,” Babcock said. “I haven’t seen a whole lot of embellishment this year. If we’re going to focus on something lets focus on scoring. To me that’s the whole key is that the goalies are too big for the size of the nets and too good.

“The other thing is the ice surface is the same size it’s been forever,” Babcock continued. “And I don’t like Olympic size at all, but somewhere in-between. In my opinion, since we’ve taken the red line out, it’s like the European game, lets not rush. Lets dump it in because you can’t get through the neutral zone. It’s back it off. No one believes that. The neutral zone’s too small. The end zones are too big. Get the end zones back the way it was. Get the neutral zone back bigger. That’s the speed zone anyway and things will be a lot smoother.”


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