Howard’s vision fine and will start tonight

DETROIT – Jimmy Howard knew things could have been worse, much worse.

Howard was accidently kicked in the face at practice Monday and the skate lifted his helmet and hit him on his left jaw.

“I started looking right away for blood because the mask actually came up,” Howard said Thursday. “I was more scared than anything else coming that close to a skate blade. I continued to practice. It was just one of those freak things.”

Howard even had test for a concussion afterwards and those results came back negative.

The next day, Howard left midway through the first period of the overtime loss to Nashville with blurred vision.

“Everything was blurry and being a goalie that’s not a good combination,” Howard said. “They don’t think (Monday’s incident) had really anything to do with it. I had a cat scan the other day and nothing showed up. I’m fortunate.”

Howard began having trouble in the Wings’ first power play against the Predators.

“I was trying to track down the puck in the other end and I realized I didn’t have that great vision on it,” Howard said. “Then I started looking around and it was like everything was sort of a blur.

“I felt fine pre-game skate, warmups and then for some reason I don’t know,” Howard added. “I knew I wouldn’t be
helping the guys if I stayed out there.”

Howard said something like that has never happened to him before.

“It lasted pretty much the rest of the night,” Howard said of his blurred vision.

On Wednesday he had a number of tests done at the Detroit Medical Center. He also saw an optometrist.

“Nothing came back out of the normal,” Howard said. “Everything’s back to normal.”


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