Lidstrom returns to locker room

DETROIT — Nicklaus Lidstrom was on the Wings’ bench watching the pre-game skate with Tomas Holmstrom.

“I just saw Homer and Nick in the hallway and told them, ‘I should have loved you more when you were here,’” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “I miss them so much, the puck gets through the point all the time and Homer got the puck back. Everyone talked about Homer and his ability to tip the puck, but he got it back like no man alive. I even told him when you were yelling at me and I was yelling back it was just me sharing the love. But he said he old lady won’t let him come back.”

Lidstrom said he doesn’t miss the day-to-day grind of practicing, but he does miss playing.

“I miss being in the locker room, being around the guys and I miss the game situations too,” Lidstrom said. “When you’re watching the game and it’s the heat of the moment as a player that’s where you want to be.”

“It’s such a different pace when you have your usual routine of going down to the practice rink or playing games, being used to travelling all the time,” Lidstrom added. “It’s a slower pace, but I’m enjoying retirement.”


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