Short-term memory

DETROIT — The Wings head back to St. Louis where they were handed a 6-0 setback to begin the season.

“The thing is we haven’t seen that many teams,” Henrik Zetterberg said. “You know, we’re been playing Columbus, St. Louis and Dallas it seems like the whole year. So far St Louis is definitely the best team we’ve seen and I think they have four good lines, they work hard, they play a good system and they’re real tough to play against. So the same way, they’re fun games because you challenge yourself to be good.”

The Blues scored four power play goals and one shorthanded in the opener. Three of their goals came on breakaways.

“It’s going to be a challenge for us,” Zetterberg said. “And if you look back at what happened the last time we were there we weren’t happy with the result and how we played. We want to come out and be a better team and play a good game.

“It’s crucial every night (to stay out of the penalty box),” Zetterberg added. “But if we take penalties, and we will, we’ve got to be better at the PK.”


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