Quote of the day … Brendan Smith

DETROIT — Rookie defenseman Brendan Smith will get to play his brother, Reilly, for a second time in a week and was asked what the basement looked like at his house with three brothers growing up there.

“It was a mess,” he said. “The TV was always a disaster, the walls, everything. We used to get into a little bit of trouble, but I know that deep down inside, they were so ecstatic that we’d play this much and we had such a good relationship between us three. But we’d get in a little trouble when somebody would come upstairs with no teeth or whatever it was. It was fun, but at the same time, there were some bumps and bruises.”

Brendan’s other brother, Rory, plays professional lacrosse.

“None of us wanted to be the goalie, but every once in a while, we’d have to put one of us in,” Brendan said. “I think my older brother (Rory) took that on and would play goalie while Reilly and I just battled it out in the basement all the time.”

Rory is also a tough guy that taught Brendan how to fight.

“He’s the one who showed me how to protect myself,” Brendan said. “There are a lot of things he’s done just to be there for me. He actually used to play hockey with me. He was a good player, but he was more of an enforcer.

Reilly got the best of Brendan in the first meeting as the Stars beat the Wings 2-1.

“I can’t let him get two steps up on me, so we’ve got to win tonight,” Brendan said.

Brendan said he didn’t know who his family roots for.

“I think it’s kind of mutual, but it’s the losing team I think they cheer for, hoping they’ll even up the game,” Brendan said. “But you never have a tie game, so I think it’s hard for them to cheer for one of us.”


One response to “Quote of the day … Brendan Smith

  1. Great work Chuck, thanks. 🙂 Go Wings!

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