Wings goalie Jimmy Howard is sure goalies are relieved now that Holmstrom has retired

DETROIT — Tomas Holmstrom will officially call it quits at 4:30 p.m. today and teammate Jimmy Howard knows goalies around the league are all relieved.

“They don’t have to see No. 96 in front of them anymore,” the Wings goalie said. “He was the best in the business doing it and paid the price for it, too.

“You learn that with guys that are really good in front of the net they’re always going to get a body part or a stick on it, so you got to be out and close the gap on it because it’s tough to pick up that puck after it changes direction right there in front of you,” Howard added.

Howard will also miss Holmstrom’s sense of humor.

“Just being around him every single day and not knowing what possibly could come out of his mouth and then trying to understand it,” Howard said. “I think that was probably the best part. And whenever he got on Paulie (Boyer) about his skates, how he always needed more glide. He was always very good in the room when guys needed a joke.”


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