Bertuzzi out ‘chunk of time’ with mono

The news for Todd Bertuzzi just keeps getting worse.

After leaving Thursday night’s practice early at Joe Louis Arena with a tender groin, he missed Friday’s practice and flight to St. Louis with flu-like symptoms.

Saturday it was announced he has mononucleosis.

Wings general manager Ken Holland said he could be out 10 days to a month. Bertuzzi will tests done Tuesday and Wednesday to help determine how line he’ll be sidelined.

Mono, which is often called the kissing disease, causes fatigue that can last up to several months and also could cause an enlarged spleen.

“There’s no beating around the bush, it sucks,” Jimmy Howard told reporters in St. Louis. “You’re constantly fatigued, all you want to do is sleep. It’s definitely no fun.”

Howard had mono during his junior year in college and it kept him down nearly a whole summer

“I had a bad case of it,” Howard said. “All I remember is being extremely tired and my throat just swelling up. You’re extremely tired, it doesn’t take much to leave you extremely drained. No appetite. Just slept.”

Rookie defenseman Brendan Smith also had mono, but said he played through it.

“I kept playing with it, so I didn’t know I had it until later,” Smith said. “I was just tired. Way different level (of hockey) and you’re not playing as much. I don’t remember much about it. I got checked up and they said my spleen was enlarged, so I’m lucky nothing ever happened.”


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