Howard, Gustavsson getting along just fine

PLYMOUTH — Jimmy Howard used to be the quiet one.

“I’ve had Ozzie, Joey and Ty and they’re at one end of the spectrum, then I’ve got Gus who’s at the other end spectrum where I’ve got to give him a tap on the pads every so often to make sure that he’s actually there because he doesn’t really talk my ear off like the other three used to,” Howard joked.

Howard was talking about Chris Osgood, who still around the locker room in the front office, Joey MacDonald and Ty Conklin.

Now it’s just himself and Jonas Gustavsson, the Monster.

Howard is seven months older than Gustavsson.

“Gus is great,” Howard said. “I got to know him really well throughout this lockout and got to spend some time with him in Arizona. He’s a great guy.”

Howard added that his backup would prefer the nickname Gus over Monster.

“We push each other,” Howard said. “We already have a good working relationship.”


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