Holland likes Knuble’s size

PLYMOUTH — Wings general manager Ken Holland knows you can’t teach one thing … that’s size.

That’s the one ting training camp invitee Mike Knuble has.

“First off, you have to look at our history,” Holland said in a phone interview Sunday night. “Part of who we are and what we are I guess if giving people chances, either people who they thought we too old or had maxed out somewhere else. He’s an NHL player, we drafted him, he’s 6-foot-4 and you can’t teach size. We kind of want to see if he has what we need.

“It’s going to be a quick look, we have Red and White game on Tuesday so it’s a quick look for our coaches,” Holland added. “We told him we’ll let him know Friday what we’re thinking and if he’s got some hockey left in him. For him it’s a chance to earn a contract. He’s in a training camp, he wants to hook on and play one more year.”

Knuble had been working out in Grand Rapids with the Griffins during the lockout and approached the Wings about coming to camp.

“We’re pretty deep up front,” Holland said. “Again, the one thing he’s got is size. You can teach that. If he was 5-11, we’ve got some good smaller players. Do we want to give him a one-way contract on Friday, a two-way contract or just release him. We have a quick six days here to evaluate and make a decision.”


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