Helm ‘tweaked’ something working out; Brunner on his way to town

Even before training camp begins on Sunday the Wings have their first injury to deal with.
Forward Darren Helm “tweaked” something while working out.
“We’re giving it some rest, will look at it on Monday,” Wings general Ken Holland said. “Doctors told him to take a few days off. We’ll see if he needs tests after that.”
Helm hasn’t skated for the last two days.
Forward Damien Brunner also has yet to make an appearance during these informal workouts since a deal in principal was struck between owners and players last Sunday.
Holland said Brunner is flying in today and is good to go.
As for Pavel Datsyuk, Holland didn’t know when he would arrive.
Datsyuk was scheduled to play in Sunday’s KHL All-Star game.
“We’ll talk to Pav and see what he’s thinking,” Holland said. “The expectation is that he’s traveling to Detroit on Monday, we’ll see him on Tuesday.”
Datsyuk will need to pass a a physical before taking the ice.


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