Bertuzzi on Holmstrom, “He’s just a good dude.”

TROY — As word got out to teammates that Tomas Holmstrom informed the team that he was planning on retiring, those on hand at Troy Sports Center had a time to reflect on what he meant to the Wings.

“He’s just a good dude, great guy and great teammate,” Todd Bertuzzi said. “If you can hand one compliment out he was an outstanding teammate. He never complained. He always went out there and played probably the hardest 1,000 games ever played.

Holmstrom won four Stanley Cups in Detroit and was known around the league for his net-front presence.

“He took it to an art form,” Bertuzzi said. “There are guys that can stand in front of the net and screen, but there are guys that can actually tip 100-mile per hour slap shots coming for every angle. He just took it to a whole new level. I can see young kids mimicking themselves after Homer.”

He played 15 seasons.

“Homer will be missed,” Mikael Samuelsson said.

There has been no official press conference set, but it’s likely to take place before the season.


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