No. 25 back on the ice in Detroit and it’s not Darren McCarty

DETROIT — Cory Emmerton has decided to make a switch, going with No. 25 on his jersey this season instead of No. 48.

No. 25 was what he wore in juniors.

“It’s just a number that I’m comfortable with,” said Emmerton, who’s 24. “I would have liked to have worn it last year, but at the time when you make the team the last thing that you’re thinking about is changing your number.

“And honestly, in juniors you’re a rookie again and you’ve got to pick a number of what’s left,” Emmerton added. “I wore 2 and 25 was open and I was looking for something in the 20s. I kind of became fond of it as I began to wear it and it grew on me.”

Emmerton thought of the switch after the season and asked Paul Bower if it was possible.

“He told me that I should have asked him earlier, but I really didn’t think about it last year,” Emmerton said. “I was worried about playing and other things.”

No. 25 was made popular in Detroit by Darren McCarty, who played 13 seasons with the Wings.

“I know, now I’m going to have to start playing like him to keep that tradition going,” Emmerton smiled. “Obviously, everyone was a Grind Line fan, whoever watched them play. They were fun to watch and whatnot. I had the pleasure of playing with (McCarty) in Grand Rapids when he was down the one year for a while, so I got to know him as a person and as a player, too. Obviously, it’s easy for me to say that I’m a big McCarty fan as a whole.”

Emmerton may now have to change his twitter address which is @cemmer48.

And he expects to hear get from grief from former Wing Mike Commodore, who became good friends with Emmerton in his one season in Detroit.

“I expect that, it just comes with the territory of knowing Commodore,” Emmerton said. “He’s going to give you grief for anything that he can.”


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