Red Wings plane landing soon

DETROIT – The aircraft owned by Illich Holdings that visited Madison, Wisc., this morning is en route back to Detroit. The plane is scheduled to land around 4:18 p.m. this afternoon. 

According to Flight Aware, a flight tracking system that shows live maps, flight statuses, airport delays, private/GA flights, and airports, there was a plane registered to Ilitch Holdings that arrived in Madison this morning.

That is the plane owned by Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch.

That’s where free-agent defenseman Ryan Suter lives on a farm in Madison, Wis.

Wings general manager Ken Holland has not responded to text messages.

This is a great sign since Suter’s agent Neil Sheey told teams that there would be no face-to-face meetings with his client.

The Wings were planning to send Ilitch and Chris Chelios to his farm on Sunday, but that meeting was canceled.


2 responses to “Red Wings plane landing soon

  1. Ryan Suter’s Cow via Twitter

    If you people think I am going to get scooped by a flight tracker, you are all meshugunah. Yes, I am Kosher cattle.

  2. Ryan Suter’s Cow ‏via twitter

    BREAKING COW NEWS: Four men just showed up at the farm. One of them looks like he could be the mascot for Little Caesars but much older.

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