Still a slim chance Hudler stays in Detroit

DETROIT — Jiri Hudler’s days as a Red Wing seem numbered.

“What happens with the market is an unknown situation,” said Hudler’s agent Petr Svoboda, who would not comment on how far both sides are apart on getting a deal done. “In Jiri’s situation, there’s great communication, great love for the city, the organization, everything else.

“Kenny (Holland) made an offer five days ago, we did not take it,” Svoboda continued. “I don’t know if there will be any meetings or calls before July 1. He is still hoping to go back to Detroit. We’ll see what happens.”

Wings general manager Ken Holland said both sides will probably talk again on July 1.

“We agreed earlier in the week that maybe the best fit for both of us is each other,” Holland said. “It’s a chance for us to explore the market, a chance for Jiri to explore the market. Once you hit July 1, things happen fast.”

The Wings would like to retain him, but probably at no more than around $3.3 million per season.

They’re not going to pay Hudler more than Johan Franzen ($3.95 million a season) or what they expect to pay Filppula on his next deal.

“There’s a game plan,” Holland said. “You need lots of game plans.”


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