Darren Helm: “Yeah, probably Game 2. If it feels good enough to go in Game 1, then I’ll be able to go.”

DETROIT — Darren Helm wore gray, but skated like he was ready to go Game 1 Wednesday night in Nashville.

“I didn’t really push it too hard physically, battle drills, so I don’t really know where it’s at, but it definitely feels a lot better than first day I skated (Thursday),” Helm said.

Helm wore gray, which players wear that are injured.

“When I can start competing harder, battling drills, that’s when I’ll be fitting into the lineup,” Helm said. “To do that quick stride I got, that quick start, still bugs me a little bit. We didn’t do any battle drills so I don’t really know where I can push it with that. Still a little more to discover with how I can move and push it.”

Helm is shooting for Game 2 on Friday in Nashville.

“Absolutely,” Helm said. “It’s been feeling great the last few days, been skating well. Today felt really good, a lot better than the last couple of days. If it just keeps progressing, don’t have any setbacks than Game 2 should be a pretty good possibility.

“I want to get out there extremely bad, watching games is no fun, playoffs is here, that’s what you play for the whole year,” Helm added. “I’m almost there and want to get out there and help the team.”


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