Quincey could be facing a suspension for elbow on Kopecky

DETROIT — The last thing Kyle Quincey needs is to be suspended for any length of time, but that’s just where he might be headed after the elbowing penalty.

“It’s so important for me to play these last three games to just keep getting accustomed to systems and the guys,” Quincey said. “I’m really hoping I can play next game.”

Quincey, who was a healthy scratch in Friday’s loss to the Nashville Predators, said he has never gotten a major penalty like that before.

“You don’t want to hurt anybody,” Quincey said. “I’m real happy he wasn’t hurt on the play. I just tried to make a good body check. I don’t know if he slipped, but I think he was falling when I went to hit him and his head hit me in the hip or like low here (forearm). I just tried to make a good body check and I’m glad he’s OK.

“Honestly I haven’t seen the play on camera,” Quincey added. “So I know in the moment, if the ref didn’t see that he slipped or fell, then it probably looked like a high hit. I’m, not surprised. From whatever angle (the ref) looked – I think he was behind me, he wouldn’t have seen him slip.”

Quincey and Kopecky were teammates in Grand Rapids for a couple years.

“He just elbowed me in the face,” Kopecky said. “I thought that was the kind of thing we want to eliminate from the game. I don’t know if he meant to do it or not … We’ve had meetings to try to prevent these things.”


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