Little extra meaning

DETROIT — Mike Commodore has had a few opportunities throughout his career to play against former teams. But playing against Columbus Saturday took on a little different meaning.

Commodore was waived halfway through the five-year deal he signed in 2008, ending last season in the minors.

“Is this going to be different, sure, I was there for two and a half years,” Commodore said. “I had some good relationship with some of those guys on that team. It’s always a little different playing against guys you’ve just got done playing with.

“I would really like to win this game,” Commodore added. “I’d like to win every game, but I’d really like to win this one.”

What could have added a bit more meaning to the game would have been if Commodore had gotten to skate against his former coach in Columbus, Scott Arniel. However, the Jackets’ fired him on Jan. 9.

“With the changes they made the last couple of weeks it’s a little different, the sting isn’t quite there anymore,” Commodore said.

Commodore did not play in either of the first two games this season against the Blue Jackets because he was recovering from a knee injury.

“I’ve got bigger things on my mind than worry about what the Columbus Blue Jackets are doing,” Commodore said. “I’ve got to take care of myself and what’s going on with my future. I don’t look at their stuff anymore than I do for stats on any other game. I don’t make a special trip to the computer to check.”

Commodore has missed five of the last six games due to a foot injury after taking a shot off the inside of it against Chicago on Jan. 8.

“My foot is getting a little better,” Commodore said. “The morning skate wasn’t painful, which was the first time for me in a couple weeks. I feel good.”


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