Red Wings have given up 15 goals in four games

DETROIT – Since Detroit’s 3-0 shutout of the St. Louis Blues on New Year’s Eve, the pucks have been finding their way in the back of the Wings’ net on a pretty consistent basis over the last four games.

The Wings have allowed 15 goals since the shutout.

“We’re not doing things right,” Henrik Zetterberg said. “I don’t think we’re sticking to our plan. We know what to do but we don’t do it. We have to be better individually. Do your part and don’t try to do too much. Just go out and play good D.”

In that four-game stretch, the Wings are 2-2-0.

“That’s where we have to play a lot better with the puck, we haven’t done that, paid attention to details, that’s what we’re lacking,” Niklas Lidstrom said. “It’s a concern where you’re letting in four goals and you have to score five or six to win games, it’s hard in this league.”

Despite the sudden jump in goals against, the Wings’ still rank sixth in the league in goals-against average (2.36).

“We have to find a way to tighten up our defensive part of the game,” Niklas Kronwall said. “We’ve been doing way too mistakes here as of late and (Tuesday) it was even worse.

“All of us in here have to do a way better job, we have to get back to the basics, look ourselves in the mirror and just back on track here,” Kronwall added. “Right now we’re not really playing the way we want to be playing the game.”

This season the Wings have allowed five goals in a game twice and seven once.


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