Home for three

DETROIT — After dropping two of their last three on the road, the Wings return home for three straight beginning tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes. They’re now 11-13-0 on the road.

“You like to finish off a little better than that,” Brad Stuart said. “Every team goes through a stretch like we just did, so we’re not going to make excuses. It hasn’t been easy but we got to find a way.”

Tuesday’s game on Long Island was Detroit’s 14th road game in its last 19 contests.

“We’ve got to get back to the details of the game, when you’re trying to do too much you turn the puck over, you’re bound to give up odd-man rushes and those lead to goals,” Stuart said. “We just got to tighten those areas of our game up. It starts with being committed to the smaller details of puck management.”

The Wings have won 12 straight at home.

“It’s not just going to happen, we have to commit to it but certainly we feel comfortable at home. There should be no excuses going back but we all have to individually prepare to do those things,” Stuart said.


2 responses to “Home for three

  1. Who writes this dribble? Did I miss something or did the Wings win here in Chicago on Sunday night? I went to the game, thought I saw them win, but apparently I was seeing things. They lost their last two road games? Last time I’m reading any twitter links from this feed. They don’t even know the damn schedule! Pathetic!

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